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Our business has been planting trees in the Gippsland region of Victoria for well over a decade. Large scale revegetation projects, windbreaks and agroforestry plantations are now thriving due to this work. Customers have included local councils, water authorities, Landcare and private landholders. Plants can be supplied and planted in both tubes and hiko cells, with guards or without, and spot spraying if required. The best choice for your project can be discussed with us to provide you with the best results. In Gippsland, all of our planting is done from May to October, as this is the period where the moisture levels are highest and temperatures are coolest. We are also available for Leptospermum plantation establishment, as this is a natural extension of the work we have been doing for many years.


The establishment of specialist Leptospermum plantations for medicinal honey production is a new concept in Australia and will require a high level of expertise for success. There are many factors involved including species selection, identification of nectar gaps, local microclimates and suitability for your enterprise. Our extensive background with seedling establishment, plant identification, planting and more recently bee keeping, puts us in a unique position in this emerging industry. If you are not interested in producing honey yourself, but see the benefits in a planting project that can generate income through a profit sharing arrangement with a professional beekeeper, we can also offer advice and connections in this area.



After your project is completed, there is sometimes the need for follow up work to be done on site. This may include weed control or planting replacement seedling where there has been failures. We have undertaken this work for several years with our local council and some private landholders. With regards to chemical usage, I hold a Commercial Operators License.

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