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What is unique about Manuka honey?

Honey from some Leptospermum species has antibacterial properties that are becoming increasingly valuable in modern medicine. Methylglyoxyl (MGO) in these honeys has been proven to be effective in killing Golden Staph and other bacterial infections. This is an important discovery as antibiotic resistance by bacteria is becoming an increasing issue in hospitals and making some wounds very difficult to treat with conventional methods. The level of MGO varies considerably between species and even within individuals of species, This is why Grand Ridge Propagation is involved with the genetic analysis and breeding of selected superior individuals to produce high testing and reliable seedlings for plantations.

Is DHA inherited?

Research undertaken by New Zealand researchers has proven scientifically what we had thought, that DHA levels are genetically inherited in seedling progeny. This means that the highest nectar tested plants will have reliably higher testing progeny. There will of course be some variation between these individual seedlings, but on average, they will be as high testing as the parent plant. Genetic selection work is being undertaken by our nursery which is further selecting progeny from high testing plants to produce individuals and strains with exceptionally high DHA levels.

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